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Understory是亞馬遜西雅圖總部The Spheres內的一個多功能展廳和游客中心,旨在向人們展示位于西雅圖中心地段的The Spheres的標志性和獨特性。這個展廳向人們傳達了The Spheres的建筑和工程的復雜性,同時希望為市中心的上班族提供一個接近自然的機會。這個建筑面積3,883平方英尺的展廳位于The Spheres其中一個球體的底層,為游客創造了一個可以縱觀上方球體空間的機會,這是即使是置身于The Spheres內部也得不到的體驗。此外,展廳內部還設有植物的極致特寫展墻,解釋植物習性,使人們可以親密接觸“自然”,給人一種沉浸式的空間體驗。

Understory at The Spheres is a multifunctional exhibit and visitor center designed to tell the story of The Spheres, Amazon’s iconic and wholly unique insertion into the heart of Seattle. The exhibit unravels the complexity of the architecture and engineering and the very idea behind bringing people closer to nature on a daily basis in the heart of the city. The 3,883-square-foot exhibit is situated at the base of one of The Spheres, providing a fly-through of the orbicular buildings above and something the visitor won’t get in The Spheres themselves, extreme close-up and intimate footage of the plants in an interpretive and immersive experience.

▼The Spheres外觀,exterior view of The Spheres

展廳入口處是一個有機形成的弧形前廳,由威尼斯灰泥打造而成,空間體驗由此開始。進入空間后,就置身于一系列又高又大的高清屏幕的懷抱之中,伴隨著大自然的背景音樂,游客可以欣賞不斷變化的植被和樹木的全景視頻。順著巨大的視頻墻向前走,可以聽到The Spheres里種植的植被的故事,仿佛是森林在你耳邊竊竊私語,這是獨屬于你跟它的秘密。高清屏幕墻的外側則被用于靜態展覽,展覽有五個主題,每一個都詳細講述了The Spheres的相關故事,例如自然界的定律、The Spheres的設計理念及其設計和工程方面的細節等。

▼展廳入口前廳,vestibule at the entrance

The experience begins at the entry, which features a curved, organically formed vestibule, crafted in venetian plaster. Entering the space itself, a series of tall, high-definition screens encircle you, providing a shifting video panorama of plants and trees, accompanied by a soundtrack that evokes sounds of nature. At distinct locations, visitors standing in front of the large video wall can hear stories about the plants in The Spheres that sound like whispers through the forest, which nobody else can hear. Arrayed around the perimeter of the space is a series of five displays, each providing a deep-dive into different aspects of The Spheres’ story, such as biophilia, the idea behind The Spheres, and the design and engineering of the buildings.

▼環繞式的高清屏幕,encircled tall and high-definition screens

▼高清屏幕墻的外側用于靜態展覽,a series of five displays array around the perimeter of the screen space


Modular cubes are assembled into a variety of forms to display architectural models, three-dimensional interactives, and a changing array of small-scale plants. Touchscreen installations hold video content for visitors to immerse themselves into interviews and stories about the plant life and the architecture. The modular units dig deep into technical details. Over three miles of under-slab wiring was in-stalled to support the multi-use space and exhibits. Restrooms are located behind the primary curved projection wall. To minimize the footprint, unisex toilet cabinets line one wall, while sinks line the other, relying upon a single circulation space.

▼立方體模塊組合用以展示建筑模型,modular cubes are assembled to display architectural models

▼立方體模塊組合用以放置三維互動裝置,modular cubes are assembled to display three-dimensional interactives

The Spheres的設計充滿了傳奇性,空間寬闊高大,引人注目,因此本項目的挑戰之一就是如何將這些特點呈現出來。因此,Understory展廳的空間極具震撼力:天花板壓得很低,一個巨大的管道占據了其大部分面積;在空間的中心位置豎著一根柱子,用以支撐上部空間中最大的一棵樹;整個室內空間中的自然采光十分有限。管道系統和設備太過于搶鏡,因此建筑師設計了一系列定制的六角形膠合板,有機地重塑了天花板的形態,將管道和設備隱藏了起來。空間內部也需要極高的靈活性,為了達到這一效果,所有的展品或展架下方都裝有輪子,當有展覽或聚會活動的時候,這些輪子可以確保空間被迅速地完全改變。

Among the design challenges was the need to evoke the drama and wonder of The Spheres in a location that feels nothing like the lofty spaces of The Spheres themselves. The physical space was formidable: an enormous duct occupies a huge part of the ceiling, which was already quite low; there is a column in the center of the space (it supports one of the largest trees above); and natural light is very limited. To conceal the ductwork and equipment—which would otherwise be an imposing presence overhead—an array of custom-designed hexagonal Baltic Birch plywood panels organically reshape the ceiling. The venue also needed to be imminently flexible; the solution was to put virtually everything on wheels, making it possible to completely transform the space when needed for presentations or parties.

▼模塊化單元深入討論技術細節,the modular units dig deep into technical details

▼觸屏滾動播放著視頻,使游客沉浸在植物和建筑的訪談和故事中,touchscreen installations hold video content for visitors to immerse themselves into interviews and stories about the plant life and the architecture

▼六角形膠合板組成的天花板,the ceiling made of hexagonal Baltic Birch plywood panels


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